Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Please no new foods and sorry for the delay

I have to apologize because I told myself I wouldn't t let this lapse but with returning to work and attempting to settle into that schedule this blog has been on the back burner.

So without further to do I bring you ``please no new foods``

One of the things people learn about me that makes me feel embarrassed and often leaves me worrying that I have offend them is the fact that I only eat certain foods. Their isn`t really a logic pattern to the foods I will and won`t eat. But As it stands there are about 10-15 foods I  CAN eat. And many that I won`t eat.

To answer a question. Yes I have always been this way about food, though with the exception of a baby-toddler that is the only time I seemed to have no inhibitions about what I was fed.

You have to understand explaining my food issues is a complicated issue but first lets start with the sensory reasons:

Texture, consistency, and thickness
foods of certain textures I cannot swallow. To describe what it feels like to a non person it can feel like trying to swallow a hedgehog.

This goes for soft and mushy foods in terms of this: It if it to thin or to thick it is like something is lining my throat and suffocating me. I simply cannot swallow and I end up gagging and puking.
I can eat raw veggies but not cooked.

I often think I should have a swallow test done because I have this standing theory that my swallow reflex is probably weak.

for some reason if a food smells a certain way I cannot eat it but oddly enough I find non-foods that I can`t eat sometimes smell good, but are of the wrong texture

and finally
My food cannot touch or be on the same plate.

It literally makes me stop breathing and sets off anxiety attack.

and for all of my life I have no way to explain why. I still don`t have a why.
My food weirdness makes me sad.
Makes my head hurt and drives me nuts.

Recently I switched to gluten free upon reading this article: The link between gluten and ADHD and AUTISM and this ADHD and gluten

So began strangely frightening process.
I don`t try new things. and if I do. It`s scary.
however exploring the alternative side of treatment for mental disabilities has become an important thing to me lately.

So I decided to try.
I didn't `t tell anyone at first and made it slow because I didn't `t know if I could handle this.
Or the texture change, but slowly I landed pretty much gluten free. Replacing the few foods I eat worked out well.
However this all back fired when one more

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